The company is the first to trailer boats on the highway on a national basis rather than by train.


Correct Craft is the first boat company to use tow pylons


Production begins for the first complete mahogany inboards, 19-foot racing runabouts and custom-designed runabouts.


The company is the first to incorporate swim platforms into the boat design.


The boat builder is the first to integrate tracking fins into its boat designs.


The Barefoot Nautique is introduced.


Nautique unveils the Ski Nautique 2001 and receives rave reviews.


The Bass Nautique 2018 is introduced.


Nautique introduces a ski boat with a stepped chine, spray relief pockets and variable planning hull.


Nautique alters the Ski Nautique deck which features a sloping transom and the widest beam of any tournament inboard in history.


An innovative hull design, Total Surface Control, is debuted on the Ski Nautique.

The first wakeboard specific boat is introduced. The Air Nautique offers a Flight Control Tower® and internal ballast tanks as standard features for big air.


Nautique introduces the Total Wake Control (TWCTM) which changes the face of wakeboarding yet again.


The innovation continues with the introduction of the Smart Pod 2000, the most technologically advanced dash pod available.


Nautique redefines its already innovative hull design, Total Surface Control, with the introduction of the Total Surface Control 2 (TWC2TM).

2004 Nautique delivers the first true "crossover" boat to the recreational boat market. Nautique's innovative SPORTSHIFTTM, located next to the throttle, makes the Sport Nautique SV-211 truly versatile by creating designer wakes. With one easy shift, the driver can engage the Hydro-GateTM, which builds pressure and lift for a completely new wake experience.


Nautique finds a way to customize the wake, providing ramp style and vert style wakes, both behind the same boat using the Hydro-GateTM with SPORTSHIFTTM.

Leading in innovation and design, Nautique once again revolutionizes competitive 3-event skiing with the introduction of Total Surface Control (TSC3TM).


The all-new Super Air Nautique 230 is launched taking big air to the extreme.

Nautique introduces the most advanced and high-tech speed control system in the industry. It is called Zero-Off, a GPS-based system that maintains preset speeds with incredible accuracy and is only available on the Nautique boat line.


Nautique introduces advanced new saltwater capable package, the Coastal Edition.

Nautique presents the perfect blend of sleek styling and versatile performance, the all-new Crossover Nautique 226.


Nautique revolutionizes the skiing industry once again with the introduction of the innovative Ski Nautique 200, available in open or closed bow.


Sport Nautique 200
Nautique introduces the all-new Sport Nautique 200 - hardcore skiing, wakeboarding, wakesurfing and wakeskating for your family.

Flight Control Tower
Nautique introduces the all-new Flight Control Tower featuring spring-assisted folding system with two different settings allowing clearance for bridge or a standard garage door.


Nautique LINC System
The 2nd generation of LINC has a full VGA screen that is over 20% larger than its predecessor. This new user-centric interface is intuitive and customizable with a wide variety of features that are accessible right at your fingertips.

Keyless Ignition System
Boat worry-free with the standard, custom-coded keyless ignition system and easy access to your boat's functions at your fingertips.

Super Air Nautique G23
Nautique launches the all-new Super Air Nautique G23 - Working with its elite team of athletes, Nautique creates a revolutionary boat from the wake up that will push wakeboarding to new levels. This early 2013 release gives riders the opportunity to do things that were previously thought to be impossible.  From this day forward wake sports will never be the same.


Super Air Nautique G25
We have taken our game changing G-Series hull design and gone even bigger with the all-new Super Air Nautique G25 that leaves compromise on dry land. The G25 gives you the space, performance, and wake to give your audience a show that can't be delivered behind anything else.

LINC with Integrated Zero Off
Easily engage Zero Off for three-event skiing on a centralized display interface for an intuitive, user friendly experience without the need for an extra display gauge. (Unique to Ski Nautique 200 models).

Nautique Surf System™ (NSS) with WAVEPLATE
The NSS is an integrated system that works in conjunction with the WAVEPLATE to allow surfers the ability to create a wave on either side of the boat instantly without the need to offload ballast and people. This unique feature in conjunction with our LINC System also provides wave customization manipulating steepness and shape on the fly by controlling how much the WAVEPLATE is engaged.


For 2014 the Super Air Nautique 210 and 230 have been transformed into the next generation of wake boats with a completely new hull and deck bringing a new look and new features that are a true testament to the new direction that is Nautique.

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